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About me...

My love affair with baking started many years ago. Cherished memories go back to a very early age, making cakes and pastries under the guidance of my dear mother. Being able to create something that tasted so delicious with a handful of ingredients, combined with the irresistible aroma from the oven during baking, never failed to please.

Continuing this family tradition, I have supplied family, friends and fund raising events over the years to great acclaim. I love to bake it and they love to eat it! My kitchen has and always will be the true heart of my home, the place where delicious tasty treats are created and baked with love.

I would now like to offer you a range of special home baked treats that cannot be replicated on the high street. Using my baking skills and creative flair I would like to share my love for home baked delights with everyone, and hope that the taste and texture of my products will also evoke some special memories for you.

Sue Graham

‘Home is where happy memories are made’

A mouth-watering selection of Cumbrian home baking
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